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Stock Market Boom and Crash: Cause and Effect

Last Weekend:  What a sudden drop in the today market! From nearly 450 points down decently during the trading day,The market tried once again to sell today an aggressive sell signal given once the trend line as Nifty trades below

Stock Market holding Their Upbeat trend

After the Slow Start in the today Session  the stock market in India showed their ending at 2016 closing high.Risng by 57 points, Sensex was seen ending at 26,064.The ending of Nifty 50 was evident with a sharp rise of 17

Stock Market Bounce With A Gloomy Ends

An aggressive “BUY” signal support the rally trend line today as the major market index breakout above the trend-line go, extending the gains. It certainly was turn-around Tuesday after a sluggish start the stock market up as much as 400

Stock Market Negative, Down Dip Monday

After the rest over the weekend, the Market started the week on monday at 25891 it dipped down to 25633 with the loss of nearly 200 point  in the middle of the session and Nifty trading below its critical level

Stock Market Sloppy-Choppy, Topsy-Turvy Weekend

Our intraday Outlook for Indian stock market remain bearish.The stock market indices had a topsy-turvy day today as they were up and down more times than ocean waves during a bad storm. They opened to the upside, went down and then up

Mixed to Slightly Positive Stock Market Session

Today was the volatile day for Indian stock market as the major market index closed slightly positive. For past week market closed for most of the session and in last few days market show some sign of recovery and today

A Big Reason Why Oil Price Is Set To Soar

Tuesday a recovery day for oil price,the price of oil show some up moves as the rallied in Global stock markets but there is something going on within this market the price of oil drop in the previous session due

Nice Stock Market Session for Indian Market

After a four days holiday the stock market in india reopen with very strong gain.The day started out with a long jump over 200 point in the early morning trade extending the gains, and then consolidating at midafternoon but not

Weekend Share Buyback:stock Market still in Rally mode

Welcome to weekend ka wow its really wow closing for the week today this week is black-and-white for stock markets, stocks will either collapse or shine soon at all-time highs. The Indian stock market enjoying a high opening as the

Oil Price Set To Save The Stock Market

The price of crude oil pullback from its recent high of $42 per barrel level. Last week April 4-8th the price of crude oil pulled back to a technical support zone and then posted a strong gain closing the weekly